God’s Marketing Campaign

Why do you think God was only revealed to so few people? If His Gospel, or marketing campaign to put it in modern terms, was only available to a fraction of a percent of the world’s population, how was everyone else supposed to know?

I find it hard to wrap my head around the concept of a (Mormon) God whose mammoth purpose is to “bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man,” yet has a terrible marketing campaign. I’m no marketing guru, but I understand the 4 P’s of Marketing: price, product, promotion, place. Here’s a brief marketing analysis of God’s 4 P’s

Price: a mere 10% of your income, two years of your life plus living costs, weeknights, weekends, lifestyle limitations, etc.

>>>This price is clearly attainable by many, and it is very sacrificial, but those that pay the Price say the Product is well worth it.

Product: hope of salvation.

>>>I say “hope” because there is no tangible product unless you’re one of those lucky bastards who gets healed from a sickness instantaneously, can move mountains with your faith, or walks on water. Salvation to some may be the reverse, or, as I understand it, not living in hell, however you describe hell… a never-ending Bee Gees concert, cotton mouth, hanging out with your in-laws, being constipated, etc.

Promotion: ambiguous, but I would describe it from the point of view of an adult, nonreligious convert, as adopting a structured life that gives meaning to an otherwise vague existence. From an 8-year-old in a Mormon family, it would be a sweet party, presents, and attention from friends and family for about 3 days.

>>>The promotion is probably the most tangible benefit of the campaign. It’s real, people feel the benefits, and others notice the change.

Place: OT times- small portions of the the Middle East and Egypt; NT times- Mediterranean, Present day- New York to Ohio to Missouri to Illinois to Utah to everywhere else via missionaries.

>>>This is my biggest problem with the campaign. Let’s say I was Steve Jobs and was about to launch the very first i-Phone. The equivalent would be to give it to one salesman and expect him to sell everyone else on it. That salesman could only sell it his family. As the centuries passed, the Master Salesman could come and train 12 Executive Salesmen who were then allowed to sell it to those not part of the family. Why weren’t there more salesmen to begin with? One in every continent or every culture/race too much to ask? Why the exclusivity?

Why has God ignored the majority of humanity for so many years? If the message was so important, why did God not choose a broader campaign?

How do you feel? Are you one of the Elect, or did you miss out on the message due to no fault of your own?

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