Going to church angry

The most common marital advice I have received is “never go to bed angry.” I won’t go into detail why I disagree, but suffice it to say I always wake up refreshed and have generally forgotten why I was upset the night before.

But what about church? Never go to church angry? Sometimes anger happens between tying my half Windsor and finding my favorite pew. And sometimes it ruins the whole experience. But what is there to be done?

Leaving church for an hour to hash out the argument defeats the purpose of staying. Avoiding the confrontation is as noticeable as the cheerio that one mom crushes into the carpet with her cheap flats because she’s too lazy to pick it up.

If I’m headed to the movies, but I can’t enjoy the movie due to a migraine or diarrhea, then I’m probably going to leave. Shouldn’t a spousal quarrel count the same?

Before all the Pharises tell me about how contention is if the devil and I should apologize first regardless of fault, I’d like to remind them I am a lot like Laman, not Nephi.

What are your thoughts? Stay, go, work it out there, or work it out later?

One thought on “Going to church angry

  1. You know, I’m the kind of person who has to talk about whatever is bothering me right then and there…my husband likes to take his time and insists he needs space. That alone causes contention. Imagine someone poking an already angry bear. I’m the poker. My husband, the pokee.

    Listening to the hymns really helps, and after we’ve both cooled down, just taking his hand and squeezing it is all that needs to go on at church. We still discuss it, but we give ourselves time to focus on what’s important and wait till we get home. I find that we yell less and we are more open to hearing each other when we’ve just returned home from church. We are more mindful of where we just were, and it’s really hard to be angry when you just partook of the sacrament.

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